Feeding the Hungry

The famine which wracked Ireland from 1846 to 1851 resulted in deaths of more than a million people, caused the eviction of a like number of humble families from their homes, and was a major factor in the largest emigration in Irish history, mostly to America. Many an Irish family eventually found its was to Cincinnati as a result of this disaster. Today, those once-starving families have survived many generations to become a vibrant and vital part of the Cincinnati community.

It is therefore most appropriate that we assist the hungry and down-trodden in the Cincinnati area. The members of the Friendly Sons should never forget the hunger that haunted their ancestors, and, remembering, should help assure that such hunger be reduced by assisting those agencies that provide food, shelter, and comfort to those most in need.

The Foundation need not establish its own shelter or soup kitchen. Such agencies exist and are well established in this area, including the St. Francis Seraph, Walnut Hills, Over-the-Rhine, and Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchens. Our focus is on those organizations which are under-funded and in greatest need of support.